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Premature Greying: Why Does It Occur

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Premature greying is a huge problem in the youth today. You can easily spot young people falling in the age group of 20-30 having grey hair. Some do try to cover their greys but it will be a good thing to acknowledge this fact!

If you want to actually do something about this problem here a few pointers that can help you figure out what it is for you that causes premature greying-


Malnutrition might explain premature greying if your hair started greying at a pretty early age. Taking the vitamins lacking in your system in the form of pills might help you. Consult a doctor you can count on.


If your parents had the same problem when they were young then it is perfectly normal for you to suffer from premature greying too. This has been scientifically proven and you can do nothing to prevent hair from greying but you can control them.

Thyroid and other Health issues

If your immune system has been weak over the years or since birth and you have been diagnosed with some or the other sort of illness for a considerable period of time then your hair might turn grey unnaturally or ahead of time. Thyroid problems have been said to cause greying of hair too.

Lifestyle problems

Quite a few researches have proven that stress is a pile driver to your hair health. Stress – prone individuals or people who unnecessarily take stress are the ones showing signs of premature greying before others in the same age group.


If you are a long time smoker and you have not been able to quit than there is nothing you can do right now but there is no suitable time to quit than now. Studies prove that people who smoke have a 4 times higher risk of having grey hair than the ones who do not smoke.

Methods available to cure premature greying of hair:

It is frustrating if you are young and are facing greying of hair. You might come across numerous advices on how to ‘naturally’ cure the greying hair problem but often there is little truth to these advices and so called practices. You can try some natural methods to help you naturally darken your hair so that they don’t look grey. The results might vary on your styles of application and dedication to fight the premature greying of hair.

Practitioners of traditional Chinese medicine say that the functioning of the kidneys and the quality of blood being pumped play an important role in all aspects of your well-being. Certain remedies like black sesame, wheatgrass and hijiki seaweed can help cure premature greying of hair as claimed by Chinese doctors of traditional medicine.

Similar to Chinese traditional medications there exists Ayurveda medicines, about which we already know. The belief system is thousands of years old. Unlike Chinese traditional medicines Ayurveda has had instances of proof that advocate its usefulness though this practice is still at odds with scientific reasoning. The herb called bringaraja is supposed to cure premature greying hair.

There is no claims to these particular ways and that is why you see a lot of people with premature greying, even kids. However if your problem is not just premature greying but also hair loss and baldness you can visit our centre in Pune to help seek professional help to facilitate a hair loss solution that helps you eradicate the feeling of baldness without any surgery or side effects.

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Is hair loss killing your self-esteem?

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I have been receiving a lot of emails from people who feel ashamed about their hair loss. They want to find out a quick, easy way to stop this without having to agree on certain types of treatments. Then there are those who start accepting this as a part of their lives and bury the depression they suffer through deep inside them.

There is nothing wrong with getting a treatment for your hair loss! It is not just for the ladies. But if you are going for a solution just because you think it helps you look good, stop right there. Let me give you a few steps to help with the thinning of your hair.

Understand that hair loss is very common. It is nothing to be ashamed of. Your average person loses about 100 hairs per day. It is a part of your life and if you accept it you stop punishing yourself for a phenomenon that is not because of your mistakes. Your imperfections are a part of who you are.

Hair loss can be very damaging for both men and women. For many people the start of hair loss means the end of their youth, their attractiveness and their life. This is an unconscious link up regarding hair loss is actually the root of most of the depression. I received this email from a 17 year old teenager, he told me how he had been losing hair for two year and he feels ashamed and it has affected his studies and social life. Another newly married professional emailed me telling me how his work life and his relationship with his wife is getting affected due to his hair fall. He wrote that he feels like he’s losing all his power and his masculinity. This is quite depressing. Baldness is a serious problem for a lot of people. According to a survey, Indian men between their 20’s and 40’s are most prone to hair fall. Here are some direct pointers on how hair fall might affect your self esteem -

  1. Being dissatisfied about your looks and image
  2. Inability to style hair the way you want it
  3. Being let down by love interests
  4. Embarrassment and loss of confidence
  5. Subconscious jealousy of other people who have nothing against you
  6. It negatively affects your social life

You need to focus on the positivity. If you are brooding over your hair loss and doing nothing about it then surely you are going in a downward spiral. You have to find out things you enjoy and have to focus on doing them. You need to fall in love with yourself and find yourself once again, respect yourself. Continue to pursue things that make you feel good about yourself. If you cannot find such things keep looking! This learning and act of putting yourself into the maximum output phase is going to get you to deal with your hair fall. You will leave your insecurities behind and concentrate on larger life goals. Here a few small steps you can take to begin with-

  1. Wear hats, build yourself a collection of suitable hats. Hats are great accessories and make you look good.
  2. Exercise to improve your physique
  3. Grow yourself a moustache or a beard
  4. Dressing better is also a simple way to draw attention away from your head.

I hope this information was helpful if you have any queries or questions or are looking for a painless and 100% guaranteed hair loss solution mail me at –

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How to: Hair Care When It Pours

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During this season it pours almost all the time. All the rain and great weather excites us and we love the rain water hitting our skin, touching every part of our heat wrecked bodies. We often get drenched, usually while travelling which leaves our hair drenched in rain for quite sometime. Due to high humidity and continuous raining, the water remains in our hair. Rainwater is the best source for fresh soft water (one of the purest form) but we are well aware that often rain in the cities is acidic in composition. The acid rain coupled with enormous humidity leads to frustrating hair issues.

On an average around 200 strands of hair are lost during the monsoon season which is is around four times more than other seasons.

So we have prepared a few tips here for you that would help you look great and sport healthy hair this monsoon -

Drying your hair is important, it helps you keep away from problems of the hair scalp. Leaving your hair wet in the humid conditions can lead to dandruff and hair loss.

A protein rich diet is very necessary during this season if you want to keep your hair shining bright and looking healthy. Whole grain rotis, green vegetables and eggs are good source of protein. If you don’t eat eggs you can apply them to your hair with curd. Curd helps keep the

smell to a minimum. You can wash hair twice after this to ensure that smell is eradicated.

The high humidity in the air leads to dry and frizzy hair. To tackle with frizzy hair condition them more often than usual. Hair becomes manageable and you would have less bad hair days during the monsoon.

During the rainy season, also remember to use a mild shampoo if you have an oily scalp. Using a milder shampoo will give you more volume in your hair. Don’t shy away from regular shampoo applications if your hair is exposed to the rains on a daily basis.

If you have long hair, do not tie them up when they are wet. Drink plenty of water and oil your hair at least once a week. These tips should easily let you steer clear of hair problems this season.

Look good, feel great and remember looking good is the first characteristic of a successful person.


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Importance of personal grooming

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In today’s day and age there is a competition for everything. Grooming and personal hygiene is expected of everyone. People who are not well groomed do not have the spotlight and attention the well groomed people enjoy.

Why is being well groomed important?

Interviewees have to pay extra attention towards their grooming. Remember, your employer is looking for a person who at least does his/her grooming right because let’s accept it “First impression is the last impression!”

A model has to appear perfect every time they are in front of the snapper. Doctors need to appear neat and tidy otherwise their patients won’t trust them for treatment. Teachers need to be properly dressed and in control of their body language. Marketers need to be presentable to sell their product.

How to be well groomed?

A right combination of clothes is a necessity. Dress according to the requirements of your profession. Your colleagues and your boss should not find you out of place because of your clothing. A poorly dressed salesman never attracts any customers. Also, nails are a very important part of your personality which is often left out. At work, your employer and your colleagues and clients look at your hands first when you shake hands with them or wave a goodbye or a hello. Nails can easily be taken care of at home with little care. This little care goes a long way.

A working woman should always should have her make up done right. It should be carefully and judiciously applied so that it looks just right. Makeup is just like the clothing. Overdone or underdone it makes you look out of place.

If accessories are your thing they must not look odd but should complement your dress. Same goes for the shoes, shoes are noticed no matter what.

How does the Hair matter?

Hair is very important. Usually, the first thing a person notices. Get regular haircuts. Men in such scenario who want to grow their hair and would procrastinate about a haircut. Split- ends is not a women only problem. Regular haircuts ensure neater and more voluminous hair. Shabby parting is a no-no. Also, ear over the ear for the males is not a sign of maturity. Women should carry their hair in such a way that it gels with their overall persona.

Grooming is very important to stand out in today’s serious competition. It communicates to the other person the idea that you mean business. Personal life also takes a turn for the better if you look groomed around the house, your kids and your significant other.

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Non-Surgical Hair Loss Solution – Hair Systems

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Hair loss can be a very frustrating and disappointing experience. It is almost very natural for a person losing hair to wish for regaining lost hair.  Those who wish have a very effective solution to their hair loss problems may consider hair replacement systems as an option that guarantees them a head full of hair in a few hours.

Hair Systems are an ideal solution for those who fear side effects resulting from medication and/or surgery. It is also an ideal option for those who do not want to experiment with themselves with various techniques in  order to get the desired solution.

Hair systems are attached to a person’s scalp such that it provides the right coverage and volume thereby giving a very seamless and natural effect. The quality of hair systems are an essential element in getting the right natural look.

Our Hair systems come in a variety of colours, lengths, textures and styles, and can be stock or custom made. A custom made hair replacement system is custom made to specific requirements of an individual’s hair loss situation.

Hair Systems are an investment made in the right direction. Unlike other treatments this solution does not involved long waiting periods. It does not involve trial and experimentation which could eventually lead to frustration and disappointment.

Hair Replacement System are a guaranteed way of getting the hair you always wanted. However it is not always all about getting hair attached on your scalp, it is also about getting the right kind of style that is as natural as your own hair.

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