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Hair Systems

What is a Hair System ?

Hair loss can be a very frustrating and disappointing experience. It is almost very natural for a person losing hair to wish for regaining lost hair.

Those who wish to conceal their balding scalp or add volume and fullness to their existing hair or regain hair may consider various hair loss treatments such as hair restoration or hair transplant surgery, hair loss medications or hair replacement systems.

Sometimes medication does not give the complete result that one is looking for and surgical solutions to hairloss are seen with fear of pain and side effects. In both these cases there are mixed reactions from people who have tried out medication and/or surgery

What is not widely known is that there are safer and more assured solutions to address hair loss with medicines no cuts, no pain and no side effects.

In the past people used Wigs to address hair loss issue in a non-surgical manner. But it had a lot of constraints. Advantage of Hair Systems versus Wigs is hair systems are a more safer and assured solution to hair loss. Many people who are suffering from advanced hair loss have turned to hair systems.In the past what used to be called as hair pieces is a hair system today. Hair Systems are based on advanced technology and techniques. Due to a better understanding about how the hair grows, plus advanced construction materials, hair systems are far more superior versions of hair pieces because they look far more natural than hair pieces did in the past .

Hair systems come in a variety of colours, lengths, textures and styles, and can be stock or custom made Hence Hair Systems can be handcrafted to match your hair color and density, as well as your hair loss pattern and thereby provide you with completely undetectable, natural-looking results.

The advantage of hair systems is that they make you look exactly the way you used to look when you had fuller hair, or the way you want it to look.  A hair system is attached to the existing hair or scalp and is then is shaped to seamlessly fit the balding area of the scalp and when applied are cut and styled to blend in with the existing hair.

A hair replacement system is the most desirable solution for those who fear the side effects of hair loss medications or the invasive nature of hair restoration and hair transplant surgery. Hair systems may also be the most feasible option for those who are not good candidates for certain hair loss treatments.




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