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Hair Solutions – Simple Definitions

Hair Weaving| Hair Transplant| Hair Replacement


A hair weave involves using your own hair, or combining it with synthetic hair or human hair, to conceal hair loss in both men and women. The hair is painstakingly woven, or hand-knotted, in specific patterns to provide hair coverage. A hair weave takes several hours at a sitting, and may require return visits to complete the job. A person with a hair weave must return to the salon or office a regular basis for maintenance

A hair transplant means that your own hair is transplanted from one part of the scalp to another. During a follicular unit transplant, the scalp is numbed and a strip of scalp containing long-lasting hairs is removed, dissected into small follicular units of 1-5 hairs, and skillfully inserted into the balding areas. The transplanted hairs grows naturally and, if they fall out, are replaced by healthy hairs. If balding continues, it is other natural hairs that fall out, not the transplanted hairs. In some case, an additional sitting is needed to fill in a newly balding area or to thicken the transplant. Transplant results vary from person to person.

A hair replacement means that a hair system is attached onto the bald area on the scalp using adhesives. This is a quick and assured way or regaining hair with no side effects. Hair replacement  re-creates the look and feel of your own natural hair. You can brush your hair, style your hair, swim, and do everything that you would have done with your own hair. The entire procedure usually take about 4 hours with no additional sitting. A person opting for a hair system must return to the salon or studio for regular maintenance.

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