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How to: Hair Care When It Pours

How to: Hair Care When It Pours

During this season it pours almost all the time. All the rain and great weather excites us and we love the rain water hitting our skin, touching every part of our heat wrecked bodies. We often get drenched, usually while travelling which leaves our hair drenched in rain for quite sometime. Due to high humidity and continuous raining, the water remains in our hair. Rainwater is the best source for fresh soft water (one of the purest form) but we are well aware that often rain in the cities is acidic in composition. The acid rain coupled with enormous humidity leads to frustrating hair issues.

On an average around 200 strands of hair are lost during the monsoon season which is is around four times more than other seasons.

So we have prepared a few tips here for you that would help you look great and sport healthy hair this monsoon -

Drying your hair is important, it helps you keep away from problems of the hair scalp. Leaving your hair wet in the humid conditions can lead to dandruff and hair loss.

A protein rich diet is very necessary during this season if you want to keep your hair shining bright and looking healthy. Whole grain rotis, green vegetables and eggs are good source of protein. If you don’t eat eggs you can apply them to your hair with curd. Curd helps keep the

smell to a minimum. You can wash hair twice after this to ensure that smell is eradicated.

The high humidity in the air leads to dry and frizzy hair. To tackle with frizzy hair condition them more often than usual. Hair becomes manageable and you would have less bad hair days during the monsoon.

During the rainy season, also remember to use a mild shampoo if you have an oily scalp. Using a milder shampoo will give you more volume in your hair. Don’t shy away from regular shampoo applications if your hair is exposed to the rains on a daily basis.

If you have long hair, do not tie them up when they are wet. Drink plenty of water and oil your hair at least once a week. These tips should easily let you steer clear of hair problems this season.

Look good, feel great and remember looking good is the first characteristic of a successful person.



  1. Nice post! Dealing with hair during rainy season is a headache. These tips are surely helpful for reducing the hair loss. Thanks a ton for sharing.

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    We always strive to add value to our audience.


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