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Premature Greying: Why Does It Occur

Premature Greying: Why Does It Occur

Premature greying is a huge problem in the youth today. You can easily spot young people falling in the age group of 20-30 having grey hair. Some do try to cover their greys but it will be a good thing to acknowledge this fact!

If you want to actually do something about this problem here a few pointers that can help you figure out what it is for you that causes premature greying-


Malnutrition might explain premature greying if your hair started greying at a pretty early age. Taking the vitamins lacking in your system in the form of pills might help you. Consult a doctor you can count on.


If your parents had the same problem when they were young then it is perfectly normal for you to suffer from premature greying too. This has been scientifically proven and you can do nothing to prevent hair from greying but you can control them.

Thyroid and other Health issues

If your immune system has been weak over the years or since birth and you have been diagnosed with some or the other sort of illness for a considerable period of time then your hair might turn grey unnaturally or ahead of time. Thyroid problems have been said to cause greying of hair too.

Lifestyle problems

Quite a few researches have proven that stress is a pile driver to your hair health. Stress – prone individuals or people who unnecessarily take stress are the ones showing signs of premature greying before others in the same age group.


If you are a long time smoker and you have not been able to quit than there is nothing you can do right now but there is no suitable time to quit than now. Studies prove that people who smoke have a 4 times higher risk of having grey hair than the ones who do not smoke.

Methods available to cure premature greying of hair:

It is frustrating if you are young and are facing greying of hair. You might come across numerous advices on how to ‘naturally’ cure the greying hair problem but often there is little truth to these advices and so called practices. You can try some natural methods to help you naturally darken your hair so that they don’t look grey. The results might vary on your styles of application and dedication to fight the premature greying of hair.

Practitioners of traditional Chinese medicine say that the functioning of the kidneys and the quality of blood being pumped play an important role in all aspects of your well-being. Certain remedies like black sesame, wheatgrass and hijiki seaweed can help cure premature greying of hair as claimed by Chinese doctors of traditional medicine.

Similar to Chinese traditional medications there exists Ayurveda medicines, about which we already know. The belief system is thousands of years old. Unlike Chinese traditional medicines Ayurveda has had instances of proof that advocate its usefulness though this practice is still at odds with scientific reasoning. The herb called bringaraja is supposed to cure premature greying hair.

There is no claims to these particular ways and that is why you see a lot of people with premature greying, even kids. However if your problem is not just premature greying but also hair loss and baldness you can visit our centre in Pune to help seek professional help to facilitate a hair loss solution that helps you eradicate the feeling of baldness without any surgery or side effects.

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